4 Important Points in Writing Abstract on Scientific Paper

As discussed in the previous article, the Abstract is an outline of research, written with a brief and concise explanation. In the Abstract is not recommended to write a formula. There are several important points that must consider in writing abstracts from our research in order to provide an explanation of our research summary well.

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Important Points in Abstract Writing

1. Problem

The first sentence should explain in the abstract is usually the problem to be solved. Remember, in writing the problem in the abstract directly write it at the core of the problem. Don’t discuss introductory sentences that are too general (because they will be written in the Introduction). Immediately discuss the main problem that becomes the urgency of doing research in one or two sentences.

2. Solutions

Your solution or method proposed in solving the problem must be written briefly in the abstract. After briefly describing the method, explain the novelty of the method (if there is a novelty in the method) in the next sentences.

3. Novelty

Novelty is the most important thing in the research. If you want to submit a paper you must have renewal values both small and large. So, greater the novelty obtained, greater also the chance to get into a journal that has a high impact factor. According to Prof. Pitoyo from Chukyo University Japan. There are several categories in achieving novelty, including:

  • New method
  • Better method
  • New problem
  • New insight (New insight or knowledge)

If we can display one of the novelty types above in the paper that we write, then our paper can be considered suitable for publication.

4. Result

The results of the research must write clearly in the form of facts. Usually, fact sentences show the research results using numbers, for example, “The results of stock price predictions using Tsukamoto’s FIS method produce an accuracy of 100%”.

4 Important Points in Abstract Writing

An additional note in abstract writing is “Don’t write unknown acronyms” or don’t write abbreviations that have never been written in your paper. Besides “Don’t write references and citation” or don’t write citations or sources of references in your abstract. Abstracts are usually not written more than 200-250 words.

For example, here I attach an example of abstract writing with a simple and general research theme:

Example of Abstract

(PROBLEM) Damage on the computer is one of the most feared things especially for ordinary people who do not understand computer problems. This makes some people do not know what damage is happening to their computers and eventually bring the damaged computer to the service.

(SOLUTION) This actually does not need to be done if there is a system that is able to detect damage to the computer. Therefore, this research created a system that can predict computer damage only by conducting a simple survey.

(NOVELTY) The novelty of this system is the ability to provide solutions to any computer damage problems that occur. Also available is also a menu to connect directly with computer services if the problem cannot be solved by itself. The general public can access this system from a smartphone so that it is more practical.

(RESULT) According to the results from a survey of 1000 users, satisfaction scores were up to 80% and the public could save up to 1 million rupiahs in computer service costs.

Then, to improve your writing skills, you can follow some guidelines in writing each section in the following article.

Author: Ida Wahyuni, S.Kom., M.Kom.
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