Guideline For Writing Methodology in Scientific Papers

In writing a Methodology you need to know several important things. So, the Methodology explanation in a scientific paper can be easily understood by reviewers and readers. Indeed there are no specific rules that limit the writing of research methodologies, but there are some things that must consider. This has a purpose to make the Methodology that becomes easy to understand. Some of these tips include:

1. Paper Is Not Same as Thesis Reports

Usually for beginners in the field of paper writing, often found similarities between the Methodology written in the thesis report with the Methodology written in the paper. Even though the Methodology is different in the paper from the thesis. The methodology in the thesis will write sequentially and complete with a flowchart at each stage of problem-solving. While the paper does not need to make as a detail like that. There is no need to display flowcharts at every stage, just simply summarize the Methodology in a simple diagram or flow diagram, bearing in mind the paper has page limitations.

2. Try Not To Write the Literature Review in The Separate Sub-Chapter

Once again, the paper is not the same as a thesis or thesis. Usually, in a thesis or thesis report, the literature review will be written in a separate sub-chapter. For example with the title “Theory Foundation” or “Literature Review”, etc. But, the paper does not need to be like that. Writing a literature review is still permissible, but the writing style is slightly different. Usually, the name of the sub-chapter for writing a literature review is replacing with the title of the material to be discussed. For example, if you want to discuss the Tsukamoto FIS method, then the sub-chapters title is “Fuzzy Inference System Tsukamoto”. See the example in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Note: However, the above will be an exception if in the intended journal template requires writing the chapter base library, it certainly must be followed and written according to the template.

3. Explanation of Literature Review Can Be Written in Methodology

In addition to making an explanation in a separate sub-chapter, the theoretical basis can also be written at each stage in the Methodology. For example, if you want to explain the Chromosome Representation stage, you can write an explanation in the Methodology. You can explain the understanding of Chromosome Representation before explaining the methodology of Chromosome Representation. See the example in Figure 2.

Figure 2

4. Write Methodology Clearly and Structured

To be sure, write down the Methodology that you propose clearly and structured. Because your goal in writing a paper is to read it. If you yourself who write a paper can not understand what you write, then other people certainly will not understand well. Before submitting a paper, make sure you have read, read, and read your paper many times.

To improve your writing skills, you can follow some guidelines in writing each section in the following article.

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