Introduction to Mendeley Citation Software

If you are a researcher, lecturer, or student, you will definitely be faced with making a report file with sources or citations and references. However, you often have difficulty in making and organize references properly. Especially if the number of references used is quite a lot.

If you are a researcher or lecturer, the use of citations and references must be made when making a research proposal or publishing research results. As for students, the use of citations and references will be widely used when they have begun to work on their final project or thesis. Sometimes students also need references when they are working on college assignments.

To facilitate you in managing citations and references, you certainly need help. Example of citation software that often uses is Mendeley, Zotero, EndNote, and others. This article will discuss one of the citation software. As the title of this article, it will discuss what is Mendeley? What are the advantages that can be done by the software?

Access Your Library (Reference) Anywhere

You can access, add, and retrieve articles or papers directly from your browser with a few clicks or import any document from your desktop. Access can be done from anywhere, one of which is with devices based on Windows, Mac, Linux, and all browsers.

You can safely access Mendeley on any computer through a desktop client, web browser, or using your mobile application. Your library is back up in the cloud when you synchronize and is always available to you.

Easier For Reference Citing

With Mendeley, you can generate references, citations, and bibliography in various journal styles with just a few clicks. For your convenience, Mendeley has ensured that the Mendeley Quote Plugin is compatible with Word (including Word for Mac) and LibreOffice. Mendeley also supports BibTeX exports for use with LaTeX.

You Can Read and Give Notes to Articles in Mendeley

You will be given the convenience of adding your thoughts to documents in your own library, even from a mobile device. To facilitate collaboration, you can also share documents with groups of colleagues and take notes together.

You Can Import References Easily using Mendeley

You can import articles, papers, (in .pdf, .doc, or .jpg format) and other documents from existing desktops, libraries or websites quickly and easily. On the other hand, Mendeley also will automatically capture the author, title, and publisher information.

There are Tools and Add-Ons that Simplify Your Work

Get tools and add-ons to further enhance your research. One of the tools that can be obtained are:

Web Importer

In Mendeley, you can add articles to your reference library directly from any supported website with just one click!

Citation Plugin in Microsoft Word

Mendeley offers quotes when you write plugins for Word, Word for Mac and LibreOffice, including 8,000+ citation styles.

Citation Plugin in Microsoft Word

For a tutorial on using Mendeley, you can see in the following articles:

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