Introduction to Structure of Scientific Paper

In writing a paper, we are usually required to follow the writing structure of the journal we are aiming for. However, most journals in the field of science and technology have almost the same model. There are important parts that are the main structure that must be present in the paper. One of them is Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Discussion, Conclusion, and Reference.

Such a general form is indeed very familiar to the authors of the paper. However, for those of you who are beginners or are still learning to write a good and correct paper, info about the structure of the following scientific paper can help you understand what should be written in a paper.

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1. Title

Title must be written in a short and concise, usually some journals limit the number of letters in the paper that is a maximum of 14 words.

2. Abstract

Abstracts are research outlines, written with concise and concise explanations, and it is not recommended to write formulas. For more details on How to Write a Good Abstract, it can be seen in the previous article.

3. Introduction

In the Introduction tell what the problem will be solved, why the problem is important or what is the urgency of the problem, the comparison of novelty from previous research, and the expected results. For details on How to Write a Good Introduction, you can look at the previous article.

4. Methodology

This section explains in detail the proposed method. For more detailed methodology writing, check the article How to Write Methodology.

5. Result and Discussion

Next, In this section explain the evidence of the results of your hypothesis, also explain the details of your method test scenarios and state the results of the test in the form of facts. Details on How to Write the Results and Discussion can be seen in the previous article.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, briefly explain the results of the research that obtain and what can be done for future research development. Conclusions write answers to the formulation of the problem and the entire contents of the research briefly. How to write conclusions that are good and right can be checked in the article How to Write a Conclusion.

Finally, to improve your writing skills, you can follow some guidelines in writing each section in the following article.

Hopefully, this article can help you to understand the structure of the scientific paper.

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